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Enterprise Paper is dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future for our planet through:

Commitment to the 3 “R’s”:


Our Initiatives:

Replaced all office lighting with fluorescent and LED lighting
Replaced all warehouse lighting from Metal Halide lighting to LED lighting
Washroom water sensors valves
Added programmable thermostats in our Office and Warehouse
Filtering our drinking water to reduce the carbon footprint of bottled water
Recycling all warehouse pallet wrap and cardboard
Recycling all office papers and aluminum cans

Enterprise Paper continues to work towards making the best environmental changes that we can.

Together we can make a difference.


Enterprise Paper Green GlobeEnterprise Paper is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We have several solutions in operation.

Reducing waste is just the beginning; Enterprise Paper recycles our entire plastic stretch film and pallet wrap on our incoming shipments; this packaging material is reclaimed and recycled.

Enterprise Paper has continually been working with our suppliers to eliminate unnecessary transit packaging and to utilize reusable packaging.

We have implemented a vehicle fleet tracking system to help reduce fuel costs and optimize maintenance.

Working with our Customers to reduce the amount of deliveries by consolidating their orders, this will help to reduce not only fuel, but also multiple documents; this in whole eliminates needless duplication and waste.

It only takes one to make a change but collectively Enterprise Paper, our suppliers and our customers will make a larger impact on the environment.

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