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July 6, 2013

Subject: New BC - PST Registration Number Requirement

The provincial sales tax (PST) has returned to British Columbia as of April 1, 2013. As per BC Ministry of Finance - If you sell or lease taxable goods, or sell software or taxable services in the ordinary course of your business in BC, you need to obtain a new PST number.

If you are buying products from Enterprise Paper for resale, your purchases may qualify as BC-PST exempt. In order for us to process your invoices correctly with BC-PST exemption, one of the following is required.

If you have a PST Number, please complete the following declaration:

PST Declaration Letter (British Columbia)

If you are purchasing products for packaging from Enterprise Paper, please complete the Certificate of Exemption – General Form:


To register for a PST Number with the BC Provincial Government, please navigate to the following website:


Please contact your local Enterprise Paper representative for any additional assistance.